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#28 - John Zimmer Pt.1 | Focusing Outward | 800 Blog Posts | YouTube Videos

Episode Summary

From law to Toastmasters and speaking professionally: With John Zimmer we speak about his journey to becoming a successful professional speaker, the way he creates and the role of the audience in preparing his presentations.

Episode Notes

John Zimmer (connect on LinkedIn) is a Keynote Speaker, Presentation Skills Trainer, and Public Speaking Coach.

On top of that, he is also a 9-times District Winner in Toastmasters Speech Contests, member of an Improv Troupe and blogger at, where he wrote more than 800 blog posts on public speaking over the past 13 years.

The topics we cover in this episode (Part 1 of the interview):

Topics you can look forward to in Part 2:

Links mentioned:

Bonus material:

John's analysis of his own District-winning humorous speech: Anatomy of a Humorous Speech


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